Designers just love it!

Simply Amazing… For vivid white ink and much brighter colours on dark substrates printing white ink under colours is the secret. Ask us about  metallic effects using white inks… simply amazing!


Metallic effects have never been easier by printing white ink over silver or gold substrates but no white ink under colours… talk to us about your next project. 




So what’s the big deal with white ink printing? At Digi.we.doo we’ve found that most customers are unfamiliar with the creative design possibilities that white ink presents. Until a few years ago, any request to print a light colour on a darker hued substrate presented printers with a difficult and relatively expensive process. Printing white on a dark paper is impossible with CMYK alone, so if our clients asked for white text on a black card stock, we’d either have to use a screen printing process, a vinyl transfer, or maybe even foil the text to help them achieve the design they were looking for. As an alternative to expensive printing, designers and customers would create their design with white text on a colour background, then print the entire design on white paper or a light substrate. While this was and still is a viable solution, traditional printing doesn’t offer the same vivid look that white ink presents on coloured stocks. Now with the HP Indigo digital presses, Digi.we.doo can offer an affordable white ink option. Our HP Indigo printing press allows us to satiate almost any dark substrate with a vivid white ink. For vivid whites or brighter colours on dark substrates, our Indigo Press lay’s down multiple layers of white ink to offer an unmatched brightness and texture. So what does this mean for you? Printing with white ink enables you to expand visual communication without using up your print budget. You pay less for high quality digital printing but you will still get a print that stands out from the rest!