Variable Data Printing – VDP

Personalised on demand printing (VDP) in Adelaide

We are not talking about mail-merg (Dear Mr Smith) it’s far more than just that…
With Digi.we.doo’s variable data printing technology you can personalise text, images, colour schemes, font types, customer codes and even entire layouts. Introduce QR codes and seamlessly include personalised images. Imagine Mr Smith getting your offer for mens shoes whilst Mrs Smith gets your offer on womens sportswear. It couldn’t be easier when you choose Digi.we.doo to help grow your sales, no matter what you’re selling.
Personalised printing is the key to efficient direct marketing. By addressing different customers and target groups with tailored messages and layouts you will increase both your impact and return-on-investment.

Benefits of personalised variable data printing for your business

  • One on one targeted sales message
  • Better sales lead generation
  • Improved traffic generation
  • True loyalty campaigns
  • Driving direct orders
  • Gathering more specific client data
  • Customer acquisition, retention & renewal

Speak to the variable data print specialists in Adelaide for Australia wide services

When you need specialist personalised printing services in Adelaide, trust the experts at Digi.we.doo to get the job done right. Proudly serving business throughout Australia with all their variable data printing needs, we’ll ensure your business is going the right way towards attracting repeat sales time and time again.

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