Shelf Wobblers

What is a shelf wobbler? (often called Shelf Talkers)

Commonly seen in supermarkets and other retail stores, shelf wobblers are small cards attached to a stem that wobble with the slightest air movement, designed to call attention to a particular product or service. Digi.we.doo is one of Australia’s leading wobbler printing companies, producing high quality results that drive your sales up!

Talk to us about our amazing UNIQUE clear stem shelf-wobbler that dances with the slightest air movement to attract the attention of even the most uninterested shopper… and their cheaper than you think, a great alternative to the standard the off the shelf wobbler (sorry about that) We supply wobblers to some of Australia’s leading retail brands.

Influence buyer behaviour with quality wobbler printing

The perfect attention grabber, shelf wobblers should always be vibrant and eye catching. Order high quality shelf talkers for your brand that are guaranteed to catch the eye. Shelf wobblers have been proven to be highly effective in businesses such as:

  • Supermarkets

  • Liquor outlets

  • Pharmacies

  • Hardware stores

  • Service Stations

  • Or anywhere you want to bring attention to your brand

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