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Digiwedoo scores hat-trick in National Printing Awards
Won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in this years Printing Industry Awards…  this on top of many previous medals thus ensuring our customers the best quality second to none!

NEW White Ink for simply amazing results
We have recently added White Ink technology to our Indigo Offset Printing Press that offers you some simply amazing results Click Here for more information

Truly Perfect Binding
Our new Perfect Binding equipment uses the new PUR technology for the most perfect of perfect binding. PUR glue is more durable and flexible than regular glue used in perfect binding, once the glue has set, it is almost impossible to tear a page out of a PUR-bound book. Books lay very flat without cracking the glue. Not to be confused with ordinary perfect binding.  Click Here 

NEW Poster Printing – Fast – Very Competitive Pricing!
New competitive pricing on Posters.. plus fast turnaround even on longer runs. Digiwedoo has recently installed new high speed equipment for poster printing & cutting. Get a quote today by clicking on Quote Request (on right) or ring us on 08 8351 9300.

How do I apply for a 30 day account.

Click Here … To apply for a 30 day account (A.B.N Business’s only)

What are the benefits to me of Short Run & Print On Demand?

Short run printing allows an organisation or author to order printing in smaller quantities. The ability to print in high quality short runs at Digiwedoo is largely made possible by the use of the very lastest in Offset Digital Printing equipment. Unlike traditional Offset Printing, Digital Offset Printing does not have the upfront expense of plate making or time consuming set-up, yet it retains the high quality of the traditional offset printing press. This makes Offset Digital equipment the least expensive choice for printing shorter runs because there are only minimal set-up costs associated with each job. This keeps the printing bill for shorter print runs lower. Print only what you need right now and not what your printer says you need to print!  (IMPORTANT: Do not confuse Offset Digital Printing with photocopy or laser type digital printing that use dry toner, not ink)

Just about anyone looking to order printing can benefit from Short Run Printing / Print On Demand, see benefits below…

  1. Less Money tied up. Since you order a smaller quantity  instead of a whole pallet, you don’t have to invest much money. And you turn over your inventory faster.
  2. Less WasteBecause you are ordering in smaller increments, you reduce the chance of being stuck with obsolete or out-of-date printing if the content changes more rapidly than anticipated.
  3. Less Risk. You have the flexibility to make frequent changes to the content or design of your printing. This is great for projects because it allows for test marketing and relatively quick adjustments.
  4. Less Storage Space. Printing can take up a lot of room so the less you order at one time, the less room you’ll need to store it. This reduces handling costs too.
  5. Faster turnaround. You can have your printing quicker because a shorter run takes less time to produce. Also, there is less set-up time with offset digital printing.

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Print On Demand refers to the printer’s ability to produce printing on an “as needed” basis. You order only the quantity  you need, as you need them. Digiwedoo’s typical turnaround is 2-3 working days on most jobs.




Is all digital printing the same?

No, not all digital printing is created equal…

Both of our HP Indigo Offset Printing Presses use liquid ink unlike dry-toner based or photocopy style printing that is often called digital printing. Further the Indigo’s use up to 7 different colour inks and not just 4, this ensures 98% true matching to pantone colour system standards. We offer you the traditional high quality of offset printing (real printing) with the amazing flexibility of being digitally driven, allowing us to do some incredibly tricky stuff. Using this cutting edge printing equipment we have won numerous awards for printing excellence both locally and nationally and we print for some of Australia’s biggest brand names. So don’t be fooled… not all digital printing is created equal!

Indigo 7000 Image


How long will it take to print my job?

Typically 2-3 business days from your approval to completed printing.  

However complex jobs may take longer. 

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What are your trading hours?

You can visit us at 1A South Road, Thebarton SA 5031 SA between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday… However if it’s a quote or you need to place an order and upload your files then you can do this 24/7 online by clicking here…

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Duplexed & Triplexed Business Cards

Duplexed or triplexed business cards look fantastic. There are however, a few things you need to keep in mind during the design stage.
Due to the slight movement that can occur during the duplexing process, borders around the cards are not recommended.
Keep text at least 6mm from the trimmed edge, this helps reduce the appearance of anything appearing off centre on the cards after duplexing.
Avoid the use of emboss or deboss. During the duplexing process the pressure will reduce the depth of the emboss considerably.

Duplexing or triplexing involves applying a wet glue to dry card. Occasionally this can produce a slight bow in the finished cards.

What sizes can you print?

Sheet Fed Digital Offset Printing: Up to: Media size: 520 x 730 mm – Image size: 500 x 710 mm

Large Format Poster Printing: Up to 1,510mm wide by any length – typically: A2, A1 & AO+


Explain Paper Sizes


Standard Paper Sizes (however non-standard sizes can be ordered)

Paper Sizes



Tell me about folding


Standard Folds (other folds may be available, talk to us)

Fold Chart


What is Bleed?


BLEED is required when you need the printed image to go right up to the edge of the paper (bleed off) with no white border. To achieve bleed, any images or background colour that reach the edges of the page must extend beyond the trim line. The distance that the image or colour extends past the trim line is the amount of bleed. eg 2 mm bleed – the image extends 2mm past the edge of the page, so for an A4 page this would mean the total size with bleed is 214 x 301 mm.

Documents with bleed are printed on a larger sheet and trimmed to size. Documents with bleed must have crop marks to show where they are going to be trimmed.

Print Bleed image


What is CMYK & PMS?


PMS (Pantone Matching System) – An international colour system which provides an accurate method of selecting and matching colours for printing across a range of formats. PMS colours are commonly used in print jobs that only require the use of 1 or 2 colours such as stickers, magnets, envelopes, promotional products and NCR products.

Pantone Book Image

CMYK or “Process Colour” – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black. Refers to the process colours of toner or ink used in offset and digital printing. The colours are printed one over the other so they appear to mix to produce a complete spectrum of colour. A rich black or “true” black can be created by using a formula of 30% Cyan, 20% Magenta, 20% Yellow, 100% Black to give a strong deep colour.

CMYK Image

At Digiwedoo we also offer the amazing IndiChrome printing process using 6 colours not 4… that is, CMYK plus orange & violet.

The HP IndiChrome system is made possible by HP digital offset color technology and the unique capabilities of HP Ink, which provides true liquid ink offset “look and feel” – even for special colours.

With HP IndiChrome technology, you can:

•  Digitally print short runs with special colours
•  Match corporate colours and tints
•  Create your own specific colours
•  Enhance the colour gamut of images

indichrome image



What is a Laminate?


A laminate or “cello” is a thin transparent plastic coating that is applied to paper or board to give it a gloss or matte finish and increase protection. This is usually used on business cards but has many other applications such as marketing cards, menus, presentation folders and bookmarks.

Note: Not to be confused with Pouch Laminating – Digi we doo also offer encapsulating laminating on some products, for example name cards for outdoor events and festivals.

Laminating Machine Image


What are “Author’s Corrections”?


Author’s Corrections are changes to the artwork that are requested by the customer after the final proof has been produced.  Extra charges may apply for Author’s Corrections.

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What is a “working file”?


Sometimes called a “native” file because it can only be opened in the program it was created in, for example Adobe program files like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. If you pay for ownership of a design such as a logo, you should receive the “working” files that contain the original un-flattened text and images. EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) files can also be edited in some programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

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What about privacy and security?

Shush Pic

What about privacy and security?
No information we collect for order processing or from inquiries is shared with any other company or website. Your information is only used to contact you . If your print job contains confidential information please let us know and will will take the appropriate measures to ensure it’s confidentiality. Click here to read our commitment to your privacy.





About Us

About Digi.we.doo

We’ve been in business for a bit more than 25 years.

We commenced business as pre-press specialists but quickly moved on to printing full-time. (customer driven)

Our team is made up of highly experienced qualified tradespeople (Printers, Pre-press & Admin).

We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer service.

Our quality is award winning and we have numerous awards for printing excellence both Locally and Nationally.

We are totally dedicated to our core belief : We are nothing without successful customers, their success is our success. If we help them grow, we grow in the process.  

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