Business Greeting Cards

Personalised Greeting Cards printed by Digiwedoo go way beyond standards such as names and addresses. Spice-up all media with unique patented image personalisation. Using our solution you’ll quickly build loyalty and better relationships.



Wouldn’t it be great if you could mail unique personalised Birthday/Greeting Cards to all of your customers without lifting a finger.

Well, you can and it’s cheaper than you think especially if compared to of the shelf cards.

Digiwedoo has a unique and fool proof method of printing (and posting) image personalised business/corporate Greeting Cards including Birthday and Christmas/New Year. Choose the images from our library or we can work with your images.

We can print your greeting cards (and pre-addressed envelopes) from your list in advance and then post them on time to each and every customer. If you prefer, you can manage the mailing-out yourself using our fool proof proven method of getting cards to your customers on time… all of the time.

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